What are smart faucets ?

Until a few years ago, Sanitary and construction faucets mechanical were widely used for domestic and industrial purposes, and as an ideal choice and perhaps the only suitable choice in the market, it was the first and last word! Mechanical faucets were faucets, which could only be used manually and mechanically. These faucets, of course, were a huge improvement over their predecessors, because in the early generation of mechanical faucets, the performance was such that when you opened the faucet, a large volume of water came out and the amount of this volume came out at all. The face was not adjustable! Subsequent generations, with new patents in the field of mechanical faucets, made it possible to adjust the volume of outlet water to the desired level from low to high.But with the passage of time and the advancement of technology and the development of interdisciplinary communication, scientists in electronics and mechanics were able to work together to make faucets called smart faucets and market them.A smart faucets is a valve that has electronic sensors and uses sensor technology.

Types of Behfar smart faucets models

Behfar Company has researched different models of smart faucets and will soon bring the first generation of smart faucets to you, dear customers! Behfar focused goals for the development of smart faucets, in fact, is the simplest smart faucets, which, ironically, has become very common in the market!
Types of Behfar smart faucets models:
Smart eye faucets (eye sensor) will be the first type of smart valve that can be provided by Behfar.
Also, touch taps, smart voice taps, smart taps can be controlled with our next generation smart taps mobile app.

انواع مدل شیرآلات هوشمند بهفر​

Behfar smart faucet price

We always depend on the sustainability of our economic life to provide and increase customer satisfaction. Dear customers, you can get the Behfar smart faucet price through the contact numbers listed on the Arian Faraz website and simply provide it with all!Ensuring the production and supply of quality products in accordance with legal requirements that meet the current and future needs of customers, continuous quality improvement, improving customer satisfaction with products and respect for customer tastes and consumer culture, are always our inseparable concerns. It has been and is!

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Buy Behfar smart faucets

In line with the simple but intelligent engineered slogan of Behfar faucets, with a new and different approach and review of the logo and scientific extraction of the company’s brand personality, in 1399 by an experienced team in the field of branding, will offer products that are simple, intelligent in design and show the quality in construction!
Dear customers, you can easily buy Behfar smart faucets through the Arian Faraz online shop !
It should be noted that all faucets designed in Behfar Company are in accordance with the national standard 6679 of Iran and are produced and offered by people with taste in different units, using a variety of CNC machines.
Behfar Company is trying to make its products look high quality, smart and at the same time simple, with high efficiency!
In Behfar Company, there is always a firm belief that the main capital is committed human resources.
Therefore, Behfar Company, in the shadow of trust and belief in its committed staff, thinks of better tomorrow with simple but smart products!

خرید شیرآلات هوشمند بهفر​

Smart valve manufacturing technology

1 – Valve body:
The valve body, in fact, only acts as a conductor and water outlet, which directs the movement of water in a desirable way. (In Behfar Company, these trunks are made of brass, according to EN 12165 Standard and with chrome coating with a thickness of 18-20 microns, in very simple and high-quality shapes.)
2 – Solenoid valve:
This part is one of the most important components of the smart valve, which opens and closes the water outlet path according to the command it receives from the eye or touch sensor.
An electric coil, when excited, moves an axis on which there is a diaphragm and opens and closes the water path. (In Behfar solenoid faucets, this part is supplied from the best European manufacturers.)
3 – Eye sensor
Smart valve sensors play a very valuable role in the operation of smart faucets, in providing it, attention should be paid to the points that do not question the function of the valve. We are a faucet and the lack of sensitivity also causes that no matter how close we get to the faucet, no command is given to the faucet!
Therefore, choosing the type of eye and its angle and location is very important, which should be paid special attention to in the design!
4- The mainboard
In fact, the valve processing unit is smart and zero to one hundred of this board is designed and implemented inside the set, which has the ability to add a variety of modules and connect to mobile phones, etc.

تکنولوژی ساخت شیر هوشمند​

Application of smart faucets

Due to the discussion of energy management and water crisis around the world, as well as the spread of the epidemic of Coronavirus, the use Application of smart faucets has become more apparent than before! As mentioned earlier, due to the high efficiency of smart valves in easy use of valves, without the physical intervention of hands and feet; the best option for use in public and private places, in times of epidemic outbreaks!Another important reason for using smart taps is optimal water saving, which can be predicted: Using smart taps can save between 50 to 70% of water consumption easily ! Smart faucets open and close automatically and do not require physical hand contact.Depending on the type of smart valve sensors, as soon as the hand approaches; the faucet opens and closes automatically.As a result, smart faucets are the best choice for maintaining comprehensive health and the environment!

کاربرد شیر آب هوشمند​

Introducing the brand of Behfar Saman Company

Behfar Saman Company has been active in the field of production and supply of sanitary faucets since 1997.
Which started its activity in the form of this company in 2006 with the aim of making quality and durable products and attracting the satisfaction of domestic and foreign customers by registering Behfar Saman Company and during these years has tried to make new and different products according to their tastes. Offer a variety!
Due to the change in lifestyle in the present era, the construction of modern and intelligent faucets, which, despite their simple appearance, requires up-to-date knowledge and hardware, has set its agenda.
This goal is one of the new challenges of Behfar Company to create a healthy and knowledge-based competition in the field of production of sanitary faucets in the country’s construction industry because it deeply believes in the ability of its elite, young and trained forces and the key to survival in the era. He considers the present “not only in mass production but also in innovation and creation of works based on science and technical knowledge”!