Behfar sanitary and construction faucets

Behfar Sanitary and Construction faucets have been operating since 1997 in a specialized field in the field of production and supply of Sanitary and Construction faucets. It has started its activity in the form of this company and during this period has tried to introduce new and different products into the market of sanitary and construction faucets industry of the country according to the different tastes of its valued customers!Dear customers, you can purchase quality products for Behfar sanitary and construction faucets through Behfar Sanitary faucets online shop!One of the most important special features of Behfar faucets is the repair or replacement of built-in parts of built-in faucets, which has been specially designed by skilled and capable engineers and has given this possibility to you, dear buyers, until after installing Behfar built-in construction faucets, You can (after several years of useful use of products) simply replace or repair all built-in sanitary faucets (without incurring additional costs, due to the destruction of the wall) and comfort and relaxation as a result of your correct choice for home and family to Bring.

شیرآلات بهداشتی و ساختمانی بهفر

Daily price of Behfar construction faucets

Due to the price fluctuations in the construction faucets market, our dear and esteemed customers can use the contact numbers listed on the Daily price of Behfar construction faucets daily price site, including the price of cheap and luxury faucets, dishwasher faucets, toilet faucets, etc. To easily earn all!In recent years, Iranian faucets have been able to become one of the leading industries and have made tremendous progress in terms of quality and design, which has made it possible to proudly claim that now Iranian faucets have considerable power in comparison and competition. Found with foreign products!
Of course, it should be said that many Iranian valve manufacturers currently use cartridges and foreign parts in their products, which due to the talent of Iranian engineers in applying the knowledge of “reverse engineering” has led to the production of valves that are of similar quality. They have external faucets and are sold at a more reasonable price.

Buy the best Iranian faucets online

We have always known, know and will know our economic life in providing and increasing the level of satisfaction of you, dear customers.Dear customers, you can simply buy the best Iranian faucets online through the Behfar faucets sales agency, Arian Faraz website, and you can get all kinds of faucets, including toilet faucet, Bath shower faucet, etc., even in full.Also, the Arian Faraz Persam website welcomes you, dear buyers, by selling luxury faucets sale and simple faucets!Ensuring the production and supply of quality products following legal requirements that meet the current and future needs of customers, has always been, is and will be our inseparable concern!!!

خرید اینترنتی بهترین شیرآلات ایرانی

Product catalogue of Behfar sanitary faucets

All Behfar sanitary and construction faucets, including smart, simple and dual-purpose faucets, are following the national standard 6679 of Iran, which are designed and produced by light and expert people in different units using a variety of advanced machines.Dear customers, for more information about the complete set of Behfar faucets, you can get the product catalogue Behfar Sanitary faucets through the site.
A collection of information collected about products or services provided by one or more companies, which provides valuable information about the product or service in general and in particular in relation to the product or service, is called a catalog.
In fact, catalogs are prepared for people who are the link between the producer and the consumer (business).
These individuals are the major buyers or those who offer the role of seller or, the role of intermediary between the service provider and the recipient of services (such as private telecommunications companies, commercial companies, etc.).

کاتالوگ محصولات شیرالات بهداشتی و ساختمانی بهفر

The latest model of eye faucets

The latest model of eye faucet Behfar will surprise you!
Today, due to the outbreak of coronary heart disease and the discussion of energy management and water crisis around the world, the production of smart touch faucet has gained more special status and luck than before!
Features of smart and eye faucet: saving more than 70% in water and energy consumption – Compensation for pressure drop – No water leakage in the use of this type of faucet due to the use of intelligent mechanism – Preventing the spread of infectious diseases – No energy loss Thermal due to no need to adjust hot and cold water each time – Battery life between one to three years depending on consumption – Equipped with the intelligent control system in cases where there is a possibility of water wastage – Fast and safe operation and easy installation is a clear feature of smart and eye faucet!

جدید ترین مدل شیرآلات بهداشتی و ساختمانی چشمی

Introducing different types of lever faucet brain models

To introduce different types of lever faucet brain models or the same as lever valve cartridges, it should be said that like lever faucets, cartridges come in various sizes and shapes, but in general, their working mechanism is the same.The most widely used sizes of cartridges used in lever sanitary faucets are sizes 40, 35, 25 and 22, which have different lifespans according to their manufacturing quality.Cartridges play an important role in the ease of use of lever faucets such as leverwall- mounted dishwasher lever faucet, etc.!Note: In case of cartridge failure in lever faucets (due to poor quality or wear) it is no longer possible to use the lever faucet handle!You might think that there are many cartridge manufacturers in the world, but this is not the case!There are only a handful of manufacturers in the world that can produce high-quality cartridges!One of these leading manufacturers (faucet cartridges) around the world is Kerox Company, which is famous in the world for the long-term and flawless performance of its products!That is why we have used this reputable brand in most products, especially built-in and modern faucets!

معرفی انواع مدل مغزی شیر اهرمی

Guide and method of installing mixed faucet

In this section, we intend to provide a brief tutorial to make you more familiar with the method of installing hygienic mixed water taps!
Note: First of all, it is recommended to get help from the experts in this field for the correct and quality installation of sanitary and construction faucets, which include spare parts for building faucets and suitable tools!
Guide and method of installing mixed faucet:
In the first step, we close the water inlets:
In the first step, close the hot and cold water pipes through the piston faucet. If there is no special faucet for them under the sink for the safety and comfort of your work, cut off the water from the main block. Then open the faucet to drain the pressure inside!
In the second step, remove the old faucet:
Remove the old milk from the sink using French pliers and hand pliers, be very careful when opening the old milk and do it patiently so as not to damage the sink!
In the third step, you install a new lever faucet: In order for the new faucet to fit properly and look beautiful, you need to prepare the installation Site, this is done with silicone wax. Pour some of this silicone wax around the existing holes so that when you install the new faucet, it is in place properly so that you do not have problems opening and closing it!
After installing the new faucet, you will need to install the nuts on the water pipes (you can also use Teflon tape). Be sure to use a suitable wrench for this purpose and fasten the nuts so that the shape and direction of the tap water faucet do not change.
Step Four: Close new pipelines and finish: Now you need to connect the new faucets to the water pipes on both sides, making sure that the hot and cold faucets are properly connected to your special pipe. Now you can open the hot and cold water lines that you closed at the beginning and then go to the new faucet and use it!